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originally Mag Truck Spares

The company that became N4 Trucks originally started in 1994 as Mag Truck Spares. Mag Truck specialized in the refurbishment of the Samil range of vehicles. Mag Truck Spares still operates as the spares supply division of N4 Trucks. The name N4 Trucks grew out of the fact that the factory is situated right next to the N4 highway.

In our 20 years of operation we have distinguished ourselves as the leader in manufacturing new armored personnel carriers and in the refurbishing/remanufacturing of military vehicles.

The N4 Trucks Factory is situated just outside of Pretoria in Donkerhoek (East of Pretoria). Our facility is more than 12,000sq meters under roof. The total ground coverage is approximately 15 hectares. N4 Trucks is proud to be ISO 9001 certified and follow stringent quality assurance processes. We have a full time staff compliment of 150 highly skilled personnel, with access to an additional 40 – 60 trained contractors.

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